4A's Management Practitioner Forum
Monday, March 21, 2016

MPF features expert speakers who share practical solutions on topics that challenge agency leaders in their day-to-day operations.

7:30–8:25 AM
Registration and Breakfast

Breakfast is available in Poinciana pre-function, 2nd Floor, Loews Hotel.
Registration is available in the pre-function area of the Americana Ballroom, Lowes Hotel.

8:25–8:30 AM
Nancy Hill
, President-CEO, 4A's
Forum Moderator: Andrew GraffCEO, Allen & Gerritsen

8:30–9:10 AM
Social Media and Influencer Marketing: What’s New & What’s Next
The presentation will include:

  • What’s driving the growth of social media, and how is mobile changing social dynamics?
  • How do millennials, other key demographic groups and interest-based groups use and rely on their social media communities?
  • What are best practices for aligning multiple social platforms and content elements into integrated brand campaigns to reach millennials?
  • How are agencies identifying & leveraging social media influencers?
    Qualifications, messaging & curating conversations   
  • Discussion of social media monitoring and performance analysis/metrics as it relates to social influencers
  • What’s on the horizon?     
  • A few Do’s   
  • A few Don’ts                      

Speaker: Stevie Dove, Director, Social Studio, North America Social Lead, SapientNitro 

9:10–9:50 AM
Nurturing Bohan's Award-Winning Culture
Bohan has been named Southeast Agency of the Year and has received special recognition for its agency culture. Chairman David Bohan will discuss the cornerstones of the agency’s business philosophy and what drives the successful culture. He will describe the agency’s unique “Brand Villages” structure, the process leading to innovative agency work, and the agency ownership structure and management transition.
Speaker: David Bohan, Chairman, Bohan Advertising

9:50–10:30 AM
Agency Case Story – Meet 22squared
Under the leadership of CEO Richard Ward, the agency formerly known as West Wayne has evolved into 22squared, a fully integrated agency that has doubled in people and revenue over the past 10 years and has become a true player on the national stage. His presentation, “22squared: The 10-Year Turnaround,” covers the agency’s transformation story, how they’ve shaped their organization around being a “Welcome Intruder,” and how they are positioned to help brands push ahead in today’s complex marketing landscape.
Richard Ward, President/CEO, 22squared

10:30–10:50 AM

10:50–11:30 AM
The Do’s & Don’ts of MSAs, Data Security and IP Ownership
Attorney Candice Kersh will discuss a number of issues related to client Master Service Agreements including indemnification, audit, data security, and ownership of agency ideas and tools.  She will also touch on issues related to social media, content, native advertising, and talent union matters.
Speaker: Candice Kersh, Partner, Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz

11:30 AM–12:30 PM
Navigating (Demystifying) the Lumascape … What’s Happening in Ad Tech

Andy Monfried, Founder and CEO, Lotame
Oded Napchi, CMO, Hiro Media
Jim Price, CEO & President, Empower MediaMarketing
Chris Morgan, Vice President of Sales, Moat
Moderator: Andrew Graff, CEO, Allen & Gerritsen

12:30–1:30 PM

1:30–2:10 PM
Agency Organization Structures & Servicing Models
Moderator: Andrew Graff

A panel of agency leaders will discuss their agency's organizational structure and servicing approach. Topics that will be discussed in this interactive session will include:

  • Structuring agency operations for general business and specialist marketing services
  • Assessing in-sourcing and out-sourcing servicing options
  • Issues related to servicing project-by-project assignments (versus retainer assignments)
  • Agency digital creative, media, analytics and project management staff structures
  • Options for curating social media content and producing web videos
  • Approaches to providing mobile marketing services
  • Organizational structure experiments; lessons learned as well as traps to avoid

Mark Bachmann, Partner & Chief Client Officer, Marcus Thomas, LLC
Michael Brunner, Chairman & CEO, BRUNNERWORKS
Eric Johnson, Founder & President, Ignited
Sharon Napier, CEO, Partners + Napier
Matt Williams, CEO, The Martin Agency

2:10–2:50 PM
Critical New Business Decisions and Lessons Learned
Former 4A's new business committee leader Mark Goldstein will discuss why new business success is critically tied to making the right decisions—and why most agencies consistently make the wrong ones. He’ll spell out the discipline required to win with examples from his experience as Vice Chairman/Chief Marketing Officer at BBDO and Fallon during their most successful new business years.
Speaker: Mark Goldstein, CEO, Eleven LLC

2:50–3:10 PM

3:10–3:40 PM
Mastering the Dynamics of Project Reviews
Bill Duggan, Group Executive Vice President, ANA
Tom Finneran, EVP, Agency Management Services, 4A’s
Dave Lubeck, EVP, Executive Director, Unbound/Bernstein-Rein Advertising
Moderator: Andrew Graff, CEO, Allen & Gerritsen

3:40–4:20 PM
If You Build It, They Will Stay

Moderator: Andrew Graff

Attracting and keeping talent is more challenging than ever. The talent we’re recruiting has different priorities, different expectations and different ideas for what a “Best Place to Work” really looks like, so we need to be courting them differently, recruiting them in new ways, and finding new ways to keep them around longer (and ultimately, forever).

The panel will take an honest look at what we all need to be doing to become a Best Place to Work. To really understand the new millennial, and how we have to adapt our agency “culture codes” (or do we?) to recruit and retain this type of talent.

Eileen Benwitt, EVP, Chief Talent Officer
Michael Burns, Head of Export, IPA  
Diane Fakhouri, Sr. Partner, Executive Director of Learning & Development for North America, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide
Jennifer Frieman, Chief Talent Officer, Momentum WW

4:20–5:00 PM
Why Clients Do What They Do
The presentation will address: 

  • Client needs and expectations, including client internal motivation systems and functional drivers (as well as marketing and procurement functions)
  • Client view that agencies sound the same--The Same Seven
  • Typical reward systems for key client roles, especially Procurement's mandate to reduce costs of commodity services
  • Transitioning the agency services offering from "What is important to the Agency" to "What is important to the Client"
  • The need for agencies to do homework in the early stages of discussions with clients
  • Perspectives on agency focus and areas of special expertise, versus Full Service "We Do it All"
  • Perspectives on "why spec creative should go away … but won't"
  • What is on the horizon?

Speaker: John Gleason, Founder & President, A Better View

Forum Adjourns

5:00–7:00 PM
Transformation Welcome Reception

Americana Lawn, Loews Hotel