Melissa Healy
Group Creative Director
The Abundancy

I was meant to do this.

When I was 3 my preschool teacher asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" My answer, "An artist so I can make people happy!" So I followed that dream into...advertising? Hmmmm.

Being creative has always given me joy. And being a creative director has given me the very active, sometimes chaotic, but always meaningful version of that.

I have a proven record of team, client and financial success and I believe that comes from my leadership philosophy with these 3 core values: enjoyment, trust, and empowerment.

We have fun, we like each other, and we respect each other. A healthy team creates the best work.

We listen to each other's expertise and ideas, we disagree to make the work stronger, and we listen to the client's need vs the ask. A team built on mutual respect creates the best work.

We are all responsible for the work we produce. A team united in the delivery of the best creates the best work.

So, I think I got it right, although my 3 year old self probably envisioned more crayons...