Andrew Bosworth
VP, Ads & Business Platform

Andrew, or Boz as most know him, graduated from Harvard in 2004 before working as a developer on Microsoft Visio for almost two years. He joined former student Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook in January of 2006 where he created News Feed. He also created many early anti-abuse systems, some of which are still in production. After working briefly on site speed and site reliability Andrew created and ran a program called bootcamp to help grow the engineering team and maintain its culture. Following that he lead the integration of the Messages and Chat products and improving stability. He also directly led the Groups, Messenger and Video Calling teams. At different times, he has been the engineering director overseeing Events, Places, Photos, Videos, Timeline, Privacy, Mobile Monetization, and Feed Ads. 

He is currently the VP of Ads and Pages overseeing the engineering, product, research, analytics, and design.